Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No it's Thanksgiving...

That's what Jackson says. He wants it to be Christmas. I tell him it's Thanksgiving first, and he says, "No it's Thanksgiving." That's his way of being contrary. We had his Thanksgiving feast at preschool today, and I was so proud of him! He made an Indian headdress which he wore all day long at home while he played; a necklace; and the class made what we ate--turkey noodle soup, applesauce, and muffins with homemade jam. It was very cute. I have one more day of work tomorrow before Thanksgiving. I'm sad not to be going home for Thanksgiving, but I'm happy to celebrate all that I am thankful for! Especially my 2 babies...to think, last year at this time I was only a month or so pregnant. And now Savannah will be 4 months old on Thanksgiving, I can't believe it. I just moved her into size 3 diapers. Wow. She's my own personal butterball. :) And Jackson gets cuter by the day. His fave toy lately is LeapFrog's alphabet toy; you put the letters in and it makes a song about the sound that the letter makes. He is really learning his letters, it's great. Yes, Jackson, it IS Thanksgiving.

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